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Bien Unido Double Barrier Reef

You’ve seen the hills and the tarsier… You’ve done the plunge, the beach and the river cruise. You’ve probably done the churches. But you haven’t done the ultimate Bohol experience until you’ve explored Bohol’s Last Frontier- Bien Unido.
Be captivated by its majestic natural wonders explored by only a few. Dive or snorkel and discover the beauty of the world under the crystal clear waters.

Visit the underwater grottos and other spectacular natural wonders of Bien Unido double barrier reef- the only one of its kind in Asia. Jetski or kayak around the sandbars or relax with your ice cold drink and observe the migrating birds’ afternoon flights. Sail home into Bien Unido’s famous sunset and fall in love with Bohol’s natural splendor. Escape from the ordinary Bohol experience- do it in Bien Unido.

Pick the island of your choice.

You can design your own personalized trip experience by choosing from our different island tour packages.
Be one of our privileged few to set foot in a sandbar that turns orange when blazed by the sun. Frolic in the expanse of fine, white sand beaches and swim among the abundant and colorful marine life in the crystal-clear waters of protected marine sanctuaries.
Enjoy watching the migrating birds as they take their respite in the sandbars. And as the day comes to a close, take in the dying rays of the sun as you enjoy Bien Unido’s breathtaking sunset. The waters, the beaches, the sky-all the wonders that nature has to offer-they’re all here in Bien Unido.


Island Hopping

A trip to Bohol will not be complete without visiting the exotic shores of the island surrounding Bien Unido. Bohol maybe famous for island hopping activities but the islands in Bien Unido offer a different kind of feel- exotic, idyllic and spell binding.
Get on board the Bien Unido Island Tour Experience and let it take you to several fine beaches in the coast-lines of the different island villages around Bien Unido Barrier Reef.


Water Sports

Be a bit more adventurous and try out the water sports that are available in Bien Unido. Scuba diving may be the main course on our menu but our side dishes are just as satisfying. There are 10 magnificent dive sites to explore as well as a wide array of other water sports to enjoy. Even for the non-divers, snorkeling provides a just as beautiful undersea view of marine life.
Do you want to feed your need to speed? Try our newly-acquired speed boats and feel the wind and the refreshing sea spray. Para-sailing will also be available soon.

Feel the thrill of our jetskis or join the party on our banana boats. Whatever you’re looking for in terms of sun and fun, they’re all here in Bien Unido.


Scuba Diving

Bohol may be one of our country’s premiere diving destinations, but Bien Unido tops the list as it is home to the only double barrier reef in Asia- the Danajon Double Barrief Reef.
As a result of the tireless efforts of Mayor Nino Rey Boniel’s drive to curb the once-rampant illegal fishing activities in the area, the municipality has save some of the country’s most amazing underwater sights, which is now becoming one of the most-visited dive sites in the region.
Aside from the natural wonders of an underwater bridge form from years of coral growth, and sightings of sharks, manta rays and whale sharks, Bien Unido also made another landmark success by being the first in the country to have placed not one but two underwater religious icons. The 14 foot statues of the Virgin Mary and the Sto. Nino are the only one in Asia.


Seaweed Farm Tour.

Would you like to see how seaweed or underwater sea grass is converted into gel capsules, soap, toothpaste and other products? What better place to learn than in Bien Unido, the Seaweed capital of the Visayas. Take advantage of the Lakbay Aral package tour of Bien Unido. Learn how seaweed is farmed, planted and harvested and processed from the town’s 2,500 hectare seaweed farm. The community also offers technical assistance on seaweed farm management, should you ne interested in the project.