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Tagbilaran City SquareCPG Avenue, Tagbilaran City

Bojol’s Chicken Restaurant 

CPG Avenue, Tagbilaran City

Cainget Fish Grill Restaurants 

Fresh seafood cooked Boholano style, plus more — these are what Caingit Fish Grill Restaurant, Bohol offers guests at reasonable prices.Looking out at the gentle sea waves blown by the breeze from the Bohol Sea, Kanggit or Caingit Fish Grill Restaurant, Bohol serves tourists and locals near the Graham area in the western portion of Tagbilaran City. Fresh fish caught from the Bohol Sea port are served, mostly grilled, which is the main attraction of the restaurant.Caingit Fish Grill Restaurant, Bohol offers reasonable prices, but which are slightly higher than some restaurants in the vicinity. The price range of a meal in eateries in the vicinity is from Php 80 to Php 250 per person. We can expect Caingit Fish Grill Restaurant, Bohol to charge a bit more (about Php 300) due to the fresh seafoods served. As far as appearance is concerned, the restaurant looks presentable and tidy enough, though lacking first-class features. But people come here for the food quality. The seaside of Caingit Fish Grill Restaurant, Bohol is really a small bay naturally protected from harsh waves coming from the open seas. It is managed by the local government. Thus, even in stormy days the waves at the Caingit shore is tolerable and gentle for bathers. Caingit Fish Grill Restaurant, Bohol is also blessed with this naturally protected coastline which guests enjoy glancing at while dining. Most people who drop by Caingit Beach (and sample the cuisines at Caingit Fish Grill Restaurant, Bohol) find time to also visit the nearby Panglao Island and Hinagdanan Cave. The restaurant is near El Portal Inn on Belderol Street, Bohol Tropics Resort, Vest Pension House on F. Torralba Street, and Sun Apartelle on C. Gallares Road. Wregent Plaza Hotel on Vissara Street is a few minutes away. The Causeway Bridge to Panglao Island and other dive sites is just 10 to 15 minutes away to the south from Caingit Fish Grill Restaurant, Bohol. Further south brings us to sites in Bool, Baclayon and Loay. While going north after a swell meal at Caingit Fish Grill Restaurant, Bohol we find dive sites at Loon, Calape, and Tubigon. Caingit Fish Grill restaurant, Bohol is located exactly at 10 Caingit Drive, in Caingit Beach near Graham Road, Tagbilaran City in Bohol. For inquiries call (038) 411-49-49 or cell numbers 0915-550-0478 and 0917-812-16-68. If we want luscious fresh fish and seafood preparation and cooking, Caingit Fish Grill Restaurant, Bohol is among the best places in Tagbilaran.

Chicken Ati-Atihan 

This place is made popular in Tagbilaran City by its barbecued chicken. With meals priced around P200, you can bet on a great deal for great food. Other than the barbecue, diners will also enjoy their buko halo-halo for dessert and flaming sisig to add some spice on side. Address: Maria Clara street, 6300 Tagbilaran City, Bohol, Philippines Phone: +63 38 501 9963

Doy’s Seafoods 

Address: Borja street, 6300 Tagbilaran City, Bohol, Philippines Phone: +63 38 501 8724

Joji’s Painitang Bol-anon 

Tagbilaran City SquareCPG Avenue, Tagbilaran City

Jo’s Chicken Inato “Payag” 

For hungry tourists, the smell of fresh grilled chicken is enough to make mouths water. If you happen to be walking around the streets of Tagbilaran with a grumbling tummy, follow your nose and drop by Payag Jos Chicken Inato.Upon arriving at Payag Jos, you will immediately be greeted by the wooden sculpture of the fat chef holding up the house specialty (unfortunately the board was freshly wiped when I ate there). While the interior is a bit dark (reminiscent of old Filipino colonial houses, complete with the Capiz windows), its still friendly. You can move up to the second floor where its generally less busy, as well as somewhat cooler and brighter. The homely atmosphere is enhanced more by the heavy wood chairs and tables, as opposed to the monoblocks that same-price restaurants usually have.Jos Chicken Inato is originally from Dumaguete, and I guess it was so good that it had to branch out in other islands (theres even a branch in Quezon City in Manila). If you find that you suddenly crave the inato chicken and youre in another place, dont despair, chances are there might be one near where you are: Jos also has branches in Iloilo, Cebu, Cagayan, Roxas, Tagbilaran, Bacolod, General Santos and Butuan.Payag Jos is easy to find at CP Garcia East cor. Matig-a Street in Tagbilaran City. It is a short distance away from Meridian hotel which is also located along Matig-a street. Tricycle drivers should be familiar with this place, so if coming from somewhere else, just hail a cab and say Jos or Chicken Inato. If youre walking, it’s 2 blocks from Caltex gas station opposite Rizal Park located on the right.Phone: +63 38 4112527

JJ’s Seaside Restaurant  

Situated at K of C Drive along Gallares Street in Tagbilaran City, JJ’s Seafood Village features a restaurant that serves as a haven of super delicious, exquisite, and delectable seafood dishes and other in-house specialties. With a budget of 150 to 300 pesos, customers and guests can already enjoy the uniquely good taste that this place provides.Aside from being popular as a topnotch hospitality service provider in Bohol, this place is also famous as a food service provider that offers outstanding service and extensive great-tasting food offerings.At JJ’s Seafood Village, people can find the freshest seafood available cooked into perfection by the super skilled restaurant chefs.Among the best-sellers at this topnotch seafood restaurant are Blue Marlin Steak, Tangigue, and Kinilaw na Isda. Also available are excellent fish varieties such as Lapu-Lapu and Tuna Belly.Of course, this place is not complete without its wide array of exciting and scrumptious seafood delicacies such as Steamed Crabs, Calamares, and Buttered Shrimps. It is also nice to try other exciting dishes such as Steamed Shrimps, Gambas, and Halabos.Generally, JJ’s Seafood Village has an excellent restaurant that offers guests a fascinating and mesmerizing view of Tagbilaran Bay. In here, customers can find various kinds of super tasty, delectable, and scrumptious seafood specialties and delicacies at highly affordable prices. Additionally, the clean and refreshing surroundings of JJ’s Seafood Village are enough to attract more people into dining at this premier seafood restaurant located at the heart of Bohol in Tagbilaran City.Address: K of C Drive, 6300 Tagbilaran City, Bohol, Philippines Phone: +63 38 411 5457

Joving’s By The Sea 

Address:Wharf Road, 6300 Tagbilaran City, Bohol, Philippines Phone: +63 38 411 3684

Kamalig Bar and Restaurant 

Address: Alona Beach, Tawala, 6340 Panglao, Bohol, Philippines Phone: +63 38 411 2197Tagbilaran City

Prawn Farm Grill And Seafoods 

2nd Flr., Island City Mall(63-38) 501-6267

Cafe Lawis 

Dauis, Bohol(63-38) 502-3141/502-3016/502-3017

Kusina Nativo Ihaw-Ihaw 

RestaurantAt Kusina Nativo Ihaw-Ihaw and Restaurant in Tagbilaran City, people can find some of the best tasting grilled dishes in the entire province of Bohol. Chicken Barbecue, Pork Liempo, as well as Inihaw na Bangus are just some of the many outstanding delectable dishes that people can find at this place. At the same time, the place also serves Kinilaw, Caldereta, and Roasted Chicken. In terms of beverages, there are many cool and ultra refreshing beverages such as soft drinks, iced teas, and bottled water.Because Kusina Nativo Ihaw-Ihaw and Restaurant is nicely located along CPG North Avenue just near Tagbilaran Cockpit Arena, its customers can easily find some of the finest hotels and lodging facilities in the entire province of Bohol. Some of the topnotch hotels in Tagbilaran City include Wregent Plaza Hotel, Soledad Suites, and Villa Alzhun Tourist Inn and Restaurant. In the meantime, there are less expensive options such as Casa Juana Lodging House, Le Pensione de San Jose, as well as Chriscent Ville Pension House. For nicer locations, they can also check out some very fine hotel establishments including Island Leisure Inn and Restaurant, Mellow Apartelle and Tourist Inn, and Dao Diamond Bed and Breakfast.For interested parties, they can easily proceed to Kusina Nativo Ihaw-Ihaw and Restaurant along CPG North Avenue, located just besides Tagbilaran Cockpit Arena in Bohol. Customers can make inquiries, reservations, and advanced bookings through the landline (038)-235-6346 or through the mobile telephone number 0919-2289346. Moreover, this first-rate food service provider also accepts advanced orders and provides special catering services.

Loboc River Cruise Restaurant 

Loboc River Cruise Restaurant changed the perspective of dining altogether. Since most visitors touring Bohol are in for a limited time, it was a perfect idea to combine the cruise with a great meal!Loboc River Cruise Restaurant is a floating restaurant that is run by motor boats. The restaurant is on a platform that is made steadily secured by two boats on both ends. The cruise picks off from the Laoay Bridge, a few stone throws away from the Loboc Parish church and about twenty kilometers away from Tagbilaran City. It is one trip you have no reason to miss out on because it is included in most Bohol travel packages on offer. You could never claim you have experienced Bohol if you have not tried the Loboc River Cruise Restaurant. Loboc is a pathway through the luxurious restaurants and hotels of Panglao Island. Then again, those other restaurants come in secondary to the Loboc River Cruise Restaurant experience.Each Loboc River Cruise Restaurant can hold at least 20 people on board at a time. Right in the middle of the huge bamboo raft is the buffet table where authentic Filipino/Boholano dishes are generously served. Meals are pegged at around USD6, eat-all-you-can style. There are soups, grilled seafoods, grilled meats, native delicacies, and fresh desserts on the table. You sure would never find a shortage of choices while dining at the Loboc River Cruise Restaurant. If you are lucky enough, you can have your meal with soft, live music playing in the background. Music bands are usually aboard Loboc River Cruise Restaurants to keep you entertained while you fill in your stomach. If you are a true-blue nature lover, however, you will never find any more use for the inhouse entertainment. The scenery that is served right before your eyes are more than enough to keep your eyes satisfied. What is so special about Loboc River Cruise Restaurant is the fact that it is continuously moving to give you a different scenic view every other minute. One moment, you are staring at tall coconut palm trees; another moment, you are being treated to a look at the Bohol lifestyle through the locals that you come by. The photographic views are truly more filling than what you actually put in your mouth.

Miravilla Seafood Restaurant 

Miravillas is actually a resort and restaurant, but the more interesting aspect is its fresh seafood offers—shrimp, eel, clams, crabs, crablets, shellfish, fish varieties, big prawns—alive and straight from a huge aquarium. They even offer delicious swordfish delicacies.Aside from grilled foods, Miravillas also serve deep-fried foods like their famous crunchy crablets, fish fillets, and other seafood cuisines cooked with butter and garlic. All these always go perfectly with Miravillas’ garlic rice. The place is not flashy or stylish—with ordinary wood-plank tables and plastic chairs plus the open-air ambience—but aroma of food being cooked is what makes Miravillas a big hit.A kilo of fresh giant shrimp costs Php 1,800 or about $40 and have them cooked the way we want. A complete meal for two with rice, viand, and softdrinks costs Php 2000 or $44. We can also opt to take home the order and cook it at home to enjoy it with the family. Miravillas is simple yet quality.Miravillas is on F.V. Harrizon in Booy, Tagbilaran City—quite near the popular Bohol Tropics Resort, and also within driving distance from the bus terminal or airport of the city. Going out of Bohol Tropics Resort, just turn left and drive straight ahead. Booy is accessible to the major commercial establishments and malls in Tagbilaran City. There are public vehicles and private cabs available to go to and from Marivillas. There are also rides available to far-flung countryside towns. From Marivillas in Booy the Causeway Bridge to Panglao Island is also within easy driving distance—about 20 to 30 minutes away. Marivillas can also provide lodging for our short stay in Tagbilaran, especially if we plan to be out the whole day and need lodging only at night and some grooming preparations in the morning. But as far as seafoods galore and quality is concerned Marivillas can be at par with the big-time players, anytime. If we’re contemplating on one of the freshest or superbly cooked seafoods provider in Tagbilaran, try Marivillas. Address: F. C. Harrison Extension, 6300 Tagbilaran City, Bohol, Philippines Phone: +63 38 411 3867 Phone: +63 38 235 4761

Mr. Seafood Restaurant 

Address: Wharf Road, 6300 Tagbilaran City, Bohol, Philippines Phone: +63 38 411 2197

STK (Sugba, Tuwa, Kilaw) 

Ma. Clara St. cor. Graham AvenueTagbilaran City


Situated along Carlos P. Garcia East Avenue within Tagbilaran City in the beautiful province of Bohol, Sayas Restaurant is an outstanding food service provider that offers deliciously good authentic Filipino delicacies. For as much as 85 to 110 pesos, people can already experience some of the finest dishes and other enticing specialties that only this place can offer. Add to that, it promises guests wonderful services and amenities that perfectly complement its wide array of great-tasting food offerings.At Sayas Restaurant, people can find some of the finest local dishes, delicacies, and specialties all over Tagbilaran City. Through the years, this place continuously aspires to become one of the finest and most outstanding restaurants in the province of Bohol. For people who crave a lot for something special, they may want to try any of its Pansit varieties. Inside this excellent dining location, people can also find tasty, tender, and juicy Fried Chicken dishes. Furthermore, the place also serves delectable seafood delicacies such as Calamares. For something exquisite, customers must try what the restaurant staff calls as Sari-Sari, which is one of Sayas Restaurant unique and delicious product offerings. In addition, this Bohol restaurant also serves different kinds of fruit shakes like mango and coconut.Inside Sayas Restaurant, people can enjoy their great-tasting food because of the nice, cozy, and casual feel all over the dining area. To cater to the different needs and additional orders of customers, the restaurant management has several waiters waiting just within range. Above anything else, the service is fast and very efficient, making sure that the customers do not wait too long for their food and orders. Because of its clean facilities and amenities, this restaurant is very inviting to people. The place is not gaudy, which makes it very attractive to tourists and guests from all over the different parts of Bohol. The location of Sayas Restaurant along Carlos P. Garcia East Avenue makes it very convenient for customers and guests to book at any nearby hotels in Bohol. Some of the finest places to stay in Tagbilaran City include Hotel La Roca, the MetroCentre Hotel and Convention Center, and Bohol Tropics Resort. Other excellent hotels that offer inexpensive rates include Gie Gardens Hotel, the Meridian Hotel, and Wregent Plaza Hotel. In the meantime, they can also try pension houses, resorts, and inns like East Coast Tourist Inn, Coralandia Resort and Restaurant, and Chriscent Ville Pension House. People can easily find Sayas Restaurant at a very nice spot along Carlos P. Garcia East Avenue in Tagbilaran City. As one of the finest dining establishments in Bohol, customers can conveniently reach the restaurant staff through the number (038)-411-3042, especially if they want to make reservations, advanced bookings and inquiries.

Tarsi Grill and Restaurant 

Address: F. Rocha street corner C. Marapao street, 6300 Tagbilaran City, Bohol, Philippines Phone: +63 38 411 3625


Metrocenter Hotel, Tagbilaran City (63-38) 411-5875

Rai Rai Ken 

Rai Rai Ken is basically a sushi and ramen house. It serves appetizing Japanese meals in a complete package. You will especially love its array of bento meals. Aside from bentos and ramens and sushis, Rai Rai Ken also rice meals that all imbue the authentic Japanese taste.What you will love about Rai Rai Ken is that it does not charge much. The price of food is very reasonable and light on the pocket. For a full meal, you will need just USD5. That is a huge treat considering of the best-tasting food, the warm ambience, and of course, efficient service.Rai Rai Ken in Bohol is no different from its branches in Manila. All branches of this restaurant serve the very same goodness. If you crave for Japanese food while in Bohol, you know where to go. Rai Rai Ken is easily located at the Island City Mall in Tagbilaran City.Since it is located in a mall, you can expect other eating hubs to be at bay. There are many kinds of restaurants inside the Island City Mall aside from those that are spread around the city. You can define your dining preference in a no-sweat fashion. Aside from the attractions that the Island City Mall brings, you could also enjoy other sights in Bohol after a trip to Rai Rai Ken. About twenty kilometers away is the very famous town of Loboc where Loboc River flows and the Loboc Children’s Choir sings. You can have one of the most unique dining experiences of your life there by joining the Loboc River Cruises. Of course, when traveling to Bohol one should never miss out on the Chocolate Hills for all its wondrous beauty. There are other attractions – both man-made and natural — that are very interesting to explore. It helps a lot when your stomach is full so we suggest that you sample Rai Rai Ken’s delectable menu first and foremost. Address: Upper Ground Floor, Island City Mall, Dao District, 6300 Tagbilaran City, Bohol, Philippines Phone: +63 38 501 7845

JJ’s Dimsum Restaurant 

Do partake at a one time snug siesta at divine dimsum restaurants! Savor a minion cup of tea and relish on a wide selection of dainties from Chinese cuisines of your choice! A brief etymology, dim sum, with definition to touch your heart, is inherent on plates of dumplings, noodles, spicy foods, steamed dishes and lots more. Dimsum dining is comparable to French dining that doles out hot and cold treats. You can all suit gustoes of these palatable dishes at the JJs Dimsum & Restaurant.he JJ’s Dimsum & Restaurants complete address is CPG Avenue, Tagbilaran City, Tagbilaran 6300, Philippines. It has telephone numbers of (+6338) 411-3306, (+6338) 235-6266, and (+6338) 501-7310. It offers dining services of catering, accepts orders & delivery. On the second floor you can find the Casa Juana. Its a rental inn with 10 rooms. You can reach them at tel. nos. of (038)411-3306, 411-3331, 411-2683, look for Mr. Obdulio Caturza Jr., their Manager.Dimsum is just right to satisfy your cool cravings in the hottest towns. Diners asks for oriental viands all through out the Philippines seasons. Here is a list of dimsum dishes you can order at the JJs Dimsum & Restaurant: Char Siu Bao – Chinese Steamed Pork Buns, Egg Custard Tarts, Flower Scallion Rolls (Hua Juan), Har Gau – (Steamed Shrimp Dumplings), Mango Pudding, Mini Spring Rolls,Potstickers With Prawn and Cilantro (fried goodies), Potstickers Vegetarian of assorted with tofu, Sesame Seed Balls with rice flour and red bean paste, Sesame Seed Balls – made with Sweet Potatoes, Shrimp Toast, Shu Mai – Shrimp and Scallop in a Spicy Mango Sauce, Spareribs cooked in ways you prefer, Spring Rolls – Cantonese With Pork and Shrimp, Steamed Chicken’s Feet (includes a good recipe for Honey Walnut Shrimp) and Taro Croquette pork and shrimp cake.Aside from the JJs Dimsum Restaurant there a wide array of dining centers tourists can find at Bohol. Drop and eat at Bacolod Barbecue House-V. P. Inting Avenue, Tagb. City. Bohol Tropics Resort -Club Graham Avenue, Tagb. City, ChriscentVille Pension House – Gallares Street, Tagb. City, Coralandia Resort & Restaurant – Graham Avenue, Tagb. City, Dao Diamond Bed & Breakfast – Km 3, Dao District, Tagb. City, Garden Café – J. S. Torralba Street, Tagb. City and Gie Gardens Hotel18 – M.H. del Pilar Street, Tagb. City. Or you can spend hot afternoons at these shopping malls: Alturas Supermarket Corporation – B. Inting Street, Tagb. City, Bohol Quality Mall – C.P.G. Avenue, Tagb. City, Island City Mall – Dampas, Tagb. City, Plaza Marcela – Pamaong cor. Belderol Sts, Tagb. City and Shopper’s Mart J.S. Torralba St., Tagb. City.Rush now to JJs Dimsum & Restaurant for a chopstick Chinese indulgence of jovial feasts!

Shiang Ma Nou 

Address: Gallares street corner J. Borja street, 6300 Tagbilaran City, Bohol, Philippines Phone: +63 38 411 411 4373

Indian Curry Garden 

Belderol St. Tagbilaran City

Cafe Atanasio

Bohol Tropics Resort, Tagbilaran City

(038) 411-3510

Garden Café 

Bohol boasts of many different eating hubs, each is unique on its own. The restaurants that fill the beautiful landscape of this island province cater to many different kinds of people with varied palette.Finding your gastronomic pleasure would never be a problem, that’s for sure!And there is one place which tries to mix a little of two worlds in one great place mixing Western recipes along with Filipino hospitality all together into one great place to eat.So, if or those who crave for American cuisine, Garden Café is the best place. The scenic restaurant — with one of the warmest ambience in all of Bohol — serves delectable American recipes at very affordable prices. The Chicken Quesadilla, for example is a good and filling fix that can be enjoyed for a little over USD1.A diner could enjoy a full meal at Garden Café for a minute sum of USD5. If that is not amazing enough, we do not know what is. Garden Café is easily located in the city central – Tagbilaran City. It is right beside the famous St. Joseph Cathedral, which is a sightseeing spot on its own. When it opened in early 1980s, Garden Café faced very little competition. Now that Bohol, especially Tagbilaran City, has become a popular vacation site, a lot of other restaurants sprung around. Garden Café imbibes the Old West style. The interiors will remind you of the cowboy days when hats and steaks combine well together. The Montana theme of the café’s second floor is a breathe of fresh air, especially with trophy mounts of deer, mule, and antelope, hanging on the walls. While the interiors of Garden Café are commendable, the food is no different. Garden Café serves the most delectable steaks you could ever taste in this side of the country. The Old Country vibe is also reflected on the foods served. Numerous versions of succulent steaks, delectable wraps, and spicy chilies are all for the taking. Although Garden Café just adapted the Montana theme, its owners choose to do away with the pricey Montana beef. This is to keep the menu on very affordable rates. Garden Café is truly one of the best things about Bohol. The great food combined with a scenic ambience is all it takes to keep your mind thinking about the beautiful island province. Garden Café is one reason you would love coming back to Bohol. You can never have the Western meal the very same way you could have it there. You can’t mention Garden City Cafe and not mention the helpful and warm staff. It is their extreme pleasure to serve with an air of hospitality which the Philippines is famous for. You will be welcome and get that feeling of home from both the staff and great tasting food. If you include the fact that meals are affordable at Garden Café, you will surely find this restaurant irresistible and one you will find yourself returning back to time and time again looking for some good ol’ American Cuisine with a Filipino flavor. Address: J. S. Torralba Avenue, 6300 Tagbilaran City, Bohol, Philippines Phone: +63 38 411 3701 Phone: +63 38 411 2028

 The Buzz Café 

Address: Island City Mall, Dao district, 6300 Tagbilaran City, Bohol, Philippines

Rene’s Swiss Gourmet Shop 

Address: CPG North Avenue, 6300 Tagbilaran City, Bohol, Philippines Phone: +63 38 411 4047

 Gerry’s Grill 

Address: Bohol Quality Mall Level 4, 6300 Tagbilaran City, Bohol, PhilippinesPhone: +63 38 411 3164

 Shanghai Bay Dimsum 

Shanghai Bay Dimsum is a classy restaurant located within the first-class lodging facility called Soledad Suites Hotel within Tagbilaran City in Bohol. Situated at Lou Square along J. C. Borja Street, this inviting Bohol restaurant serves authentic Chinese cuisine. The place offers a variety of barbecues, an extensive selection of dimsum specialties, as well as different kinds of special rice toppings. One of the in-house specialties is white oyster, which is seasoned with egg white and garlic for richer taste and flavor. Another delicacy available inside this place is the appetizing steamed scallop dish, which comes with a delectable sauce made up of butter, lemon, and garlic.Shanghai Bay Dimsum in Bohol offers an extensive selection of nutritious vegetable dishes including the enticing bean curd delicacy, which is cooked with different flavors. Perfect for cold nights, customers of this fine Bohol restaurant can order the palatable vegetable soup, made from the finest and freshest products straight from the wet market. A special authentic Chinese specialty is the Soy Peking Duck, which is a favorite amongst regular guests for its highly pleasant flavor. In addition, this cozy dining facility also serves pigeons, which are cooked into perfection by the talented restaurant chefs. For those who are planning to eat inside this place, prepare a budget of at least 300 pesos to 600 pesos for a chance to enjoy at least two to three of the in-house specialties.The ambiance inside Shanghai Bay Dimsum in Bohol is very refreshing, especially with the nice lighting, spacious interiors, and classy tables and chairs. Furthermore, the place carries a modern design, which easily draws the attention of customers. To make things more interesting, this cozy Bohol restaurant offers highly satisfying buffet-style meals. Because of its capacious interiors, this place can approximately hold up to 200 customers all at the same time. At times, this dining facility holds special group gatherings like meetings and birthday celebrations.As part of Soledad Suites Hotel along J. C. Borja Street within Tagbilaran City, Shanghai Bay Dimsum is easily one of the highly interesting food service providers in Bohol. This place is very nice because the food servers are relatively fast, plus the food comes in generous servings. The place has its very own comfort rooms, which make things much easier and convenient for everyone.People can inquire more about Shanghai Bay Dimsum in Bohol through the telephone line (038)-501-7423. This remarkable Bohol restaurant opens at 6:30 a.m. and closes until 10 p.m. For sumptuous Chinese delicacies at super affordable rates, visit this place to experience total customer satisfaction.

Brewpoint Coffee Club


Considered as an attractive tourist spot in the Philippines, Bohol has many natural wonders that are visited by tourists from various countries every year. Many hotels, resorts, coffee shops, bars and restaurants in Bohol launch unique promotions to lure travelers to visit their places. One of the famous coffee shops in the province is Brewpoint Coffee Club. Brewpoint Coffee Club is situated in Soledad Suites. Since it is in this elegant suite, the staffs at this coffee shop always make sure that the food and drinks that they serve are of high quality. Brewpoint Coffee Club is popular for the European dishes and sandwiches that it serves to customers. It is also famous for the relaxing and soothing coffee and tea. Customers who are new to the luring coffee shop should try its specialty, which is Panglao’s siopao. Panglao’s siopao has a white bun that is filled with deliciously steamed pork. The price range of food and drinks at Brewpoint Coffee Club is Php 100 to Php 200. Brewpoint Coffee Club has a modern architecture. Its interior design is similar with coffee shops in European countries. The coffee shop has an Internet connection so travelers can surf the Internet while relaxing. However, the coffee shop charges Php 20 every hour of use of the Internet connection. Brewpoint Coffee Club opens at 10 in the morning and it closes at two in the morning. Aside from the accessibility of the coffee shop to Soledad Suites, it is also near to Casa Filomena Resort and Restaurant, which has fascinating and luring recreational facilities. Other hotels near Brewpoint Coffee Club are Metro Centre Hotel and Villa Alzhun Tourist Inn & Restaurant. Brewpoint Coffee Club is exactly located at Lou Square, J. C. Borja Corner, M. Parras Street in Tagbilaran City. The location of the coffee shop is strategic in the sense that it is situated in the industrialized part of the city. Other business establishments like shopping malls, beaches and resorts that surround Brewpoint Coffee Club make it more attractive to tourists. To those who want to make reservations at the coffee shop, they can contact its management at the Web site of Soledad Suites which is www.soledad-suites.com or they can call the coffee shop through this number +6338 4113074 or +6338 5017421. If you want to relax, unwind and have an intimate moment with your friends and loved ones, the best place to visit in Bohol is Brewpoint Coffee Club. Address: Lou Square JC Borja St. cor M. Parras St. in Tagbilaran City

Mandarin Royale

Address: K of C Drive, 6300 Tagbilaran City, Bohol, Philippines Phone: +63 38 411 4373

Joe-Bing Restaurant 

Nicely situated along B. Inting Street within Tagbilaran City in the wonderful province of Bohol, Joe-Bing Restaurant and Bakeshop offers a wide variety of super delightful food and snacks for people of all ages. From 10 to 150 pesos, people can already enjoy loads of in-house specialties and other delectable dishes that this place regularly offers. Aside from the food, the place is also famous for its wonderful services as well as topnotch facilities. Overall, this premier dining location is truly one of the best in terms of food services all over the province of Bohol.At Joe-Bing Restaurant and Bakeshop, people can find an assortment of all-time Filipino favorite dishes such as Nilagang Baka, Fried Chicken, as well as Pancit. Also available at the place are cakes, breads, and pastries. In here, people can taste super delicious snack breads such as Ensaymada, Cinnamon Roll, and Mamon. The place also serves Pandesal, Wheat Loaf, and Sandwich Bread. This prime bakeshop is also home to sweet and tasty treats like Brownies, Cupcakes, and Chocolate Cookies.With its nice location along B. Inting Street within Tagbilaran City, customers of Joe-Bing Restaurant and Bakeshop do have easier access to some of the most modern, safest, and grandest hotels in the province of Bohol. Just a few minutes drive away from the restaurant are topnotch hotels such as El Portal Inn, Hotel La Roca, and Dao Diamond Bed and Breakfast. Also found near the restaurant are excellent lodging inns such as Casa Juana Lodging House, Island Leisure Inn and Restaurant, and Nisa Travellers Inn. For excellent hotel accommodations with inexpensive rates, places like Le Pensione de San Jose, Mellow Apartelle and Tourist Inn, and Taver’s Pension House are always among the top choices.For people who want to go directly to Joe-Bing Restaurant and Bakeshop to check out its extensive offerings of super delectable and very delicious dishes, they can find this first-rate dining facility along B. Inting Street in Tagbilaran City, Bohol. For inquiries and reservations, customers can communicate with the restaurant management and staff through the telephone lines (038)-235-3131 and (038)-235-4226. Additionally, the place also provides catering services as well as special deliveries.

Odysseus Steak Haus and Restaurant 

At Odysseus Steak Haus and Restaurant, people can knock themselves out with the tastiest, juiciest, and perfectly tender steaks available in Tagbilaran City, Bohol. Some of the best tasting steaks available in this premier dining establishment are sirloin, angus ribeye, and tenderloin. In terms of beverages, the place also serves refreshing drinks like soft drinks, iced teas, and even beers. Additionally, the place also serves all-time favorites such as pork chops, fried chicken, as well as chicken barbecues.Overall, Odysseus Steak Haus and Restaurant is really a topnotch dining location found within the very attractive Tagbilaran City in the captivating province of Bohol. To provide its customers and guests with the best dining experience possible, the place is always clean and very inviting. More importantly, the management and staff of Odysseus Steak Haus and Restaurant are very friendly, hospitable, and courteous to all its valued customers and guests. Moreover, the place has a cheerful, casual, and lively ambiance that is perfect for fun-loving people as well as happy occasions like birthdays, get-togethers, and even romantic dates.With its outstanding location along Gallares Street, Odysseus Steak Haus and Restaurant offers its customers with excellent accessibility to some of the finest hotels, not only in Tagbilaran City, but also all over the province of Bohol. These include safe and convenient hotels such as Metro Centre Hotel, Hotel La Roca, and El Portal Inn. For topnotch alternatives, they can also consider beautiful lodging inns such as Villa Alzhun Tourist Inn, Via Bohol Tourist Inn, and Nisa Travellers Inn. For cheaper alternatives, pension houses like Tavers Pension House, Le Pensione de San Jose, and Chriscent Ville Pension House are always among the top choices.For people who want to go directly to Odysseus Steak Haus and Restaurant, they can find it at one of the nicest spots along Gallares Street in Tagbilaran City, Bohol. Furthermore, those who want to ask some questions and make advanced reservations can reach the restaurant staff and management through the telephone line (038)-235-6364. In addition, the place also provides convenient services such as deliveries and caterings.


2nd flr., Island City Mall

 Greenich Pizza Pasta 

Plaza Marcela – (038) 411-2882 Island City Mall – (038) 411-5185

 Pizza Hut 

BQ Mall, CPG Entrance


Alturas – (038) 411-4329

Plaza Marcela (038) 411-4113

Island City Mall (038) 411 2550

 Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) 

Upper Ground Flr., Island City Mall

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Address: Island City Mall & BQ Mall, 6300 Tagbilaran City, Bohol, Philippines