Land Area 4,117.26 sq. kilometers
Provincial Capital: Tagbilaran City
Population: 1,313,560 (Province)
Language: Boholano-Cebuano, Tagalog, a bit of Spanish ,majority of locals can speak and write in English.
Divisions: Grouped into 3 congressional districts
Political Administrative: 47 municipalities and one city
Barangays/Villages: 1,109
Currency Philippine Peso (₱), Dollar Currency recognized

*Transact with an authorized money changer only to maximize the value of your money

Location: Visayas Region , Central Philippines
Tourists Arrival: 1,581,904 (2019)
Time zone Standard Time; differs from Greenwich time by even number of hours
Average Temperature: 22.9-26.9o Celsius = 73.22-80.42 Fahrenheit
Topography: Varies from level to steeply sloping, with land elevation ranging from 0 near 900 meters above sea level.
Climate: Generally fair with distributed rains every now and then

Visitors may learn to greet, introduce one’s self and communicate to locals using these basic Boholano greetings and phrases:



Good morning Maayong buntag
Good day Maayong adlaw
Good afternoon Maayong hapon
Goodbye/Take care Amping
Hello, how are you? Kumusta? 
I’m good. And you? Maayo raman ko, ikaw? /Okay raman ko, ikaw?
What is your name? Unsa (Unsay) imong ngalan?
My name is [your name] Ang akong ngalan si [state your name].
I live in [place] Nag puyo ko sa [place] / Taga-[place] ko. 
Thank you! Salamat! 
Thank you very much Daghang salamat/ Salamat Kaayo
You’re welcome Walay Sapayan / Way Sapayan
Please Palihug
Yes Oo
No Dili
This /That Kani/Kana




Let’s eat Mangaon ta/ Ngaon ta
I’m hungry Gigutom na ko/ Gutom nako
I’m thirsty Gi-uhaw ko
I’m full Busog na ko
I have no appetite Wala koy gana. 
That was a good meal Lamia ang pagkaon
Delicious! Lami!
The bill, please Ang bayronon palihug




I’m came from [place] Gikan ko sa [place]
I’m going to [place] Muadto or Adto ko sa [place]
See you later Kita ta unya / Kita ta puhon 
How much is the fare? Tagpila ang plete/Pila ang plete?
Where is the this place? Asa ni lugara? / Asa ni ?
What is this? What is that? Unsa ni? / Unsa na?
How much? Tagpila ni? / Tagpila na?
I will pay Mubayad na ko/ Mubayad ko


Respect local laws, traditions and beliefs
Book at hotels, transports and tour guide services accredited by Department of Tourism
Wear decent clothes when visiting churches and religious sites
Know the basic rules and safety measures when you go on an adventure
Check your things before you leave
Keep emergency numbers (refer to TaRSIER 117/Emergency)


Waste food and resources
Smoke in public places
Ride on a motorcycle without a helmet
Throw thrash anywhere
Point at people when you want their attention
Forget to bring water and sunblock
Take shells and sands as souvenirs.  Let nature be
Touch the wildlife or get too close with them
Buy items made of illegal materials
Spoil your experience by worrying too much. Travelling is fun

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