Gov. Art Yap and members of the Bohol Association of Hotels, Resorts and Restaurants (BAHRR) explore “Bohol bubbles” as the Philippines considers “travel bubbles” to rechurn the economy.

The output presented to the governor was the initiative of the Provincial Tourism Council (PTC) with the Bohol Tourism Office (BTO). BAHRR is part of the ExeCom of PTC. It has to be noted that the reopening involves all tourism sectors, including the transport sector, aside from hotels and restaurants. Resort managers who are actively involved in the core group who worked on the plan are members of BAHRR.

Impressed by how Bohol managed the Covid-19 situation, the Department of Tourism (DOT) eyes Bohol as a candidate destination in “travel bubbles”.

On this, the governor wants to be certain on the two thresholds to cross in reopening Bohol to visitors- -to convince visitors that it is safe to come to Bohol and to convince the people of Bohol that it is safe to welcome visitors.

The governor had earlier explained to DOT Sec. Bernadette Fatima Tecson Romulo-Puyat that while Bohol is interested in joining the “travel bubble”, it has to be studied thoroughly because the safety of Bohol populace is paramount.

The governor also pointed out that reopening Bohol to visitors has to be harmonized with the Anti-Covid strategies of the province.

The provincial government and BAHRR will be finalizing what had been discussed today in preparation for the visit here of Sec. Puyat on Friday.

Puyat had earlier explained that in travel bubbles, “tourists from countries with low to zero Covid-19 cases” will be allowed to visit the Philippines and they have to “fly directly to tourist hotspots with international airports”.

In travel bubbles- -also known as travel corridors or corona corridors, “countries with low to zero Covid-19 cases or have successfully demonstrated capability in controlling the spread of Covid-19 within their respective borders” can enter into bilateral arrangements between each other to allow travelers “to enter each other’s borders” with minimal quarantine period.

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