sunset view Tagbilaran - dauis bridge

Catch the beautiful soft setting sun. Make sure to be at one of the bridges that connect Tagbilaran City to Dauis town before 5:00 o’clock in the afternoon. Enjoy the view of sunset in Tagbilaran City as is hides behind the island of Panglao while observing the local scene of small outrigger boats and fishing gears along Tagbilaran Strait and locals passing by the bridge on foot or in public transportation.  The first bridge connects Mansasa, Tagbilaran  to Dauis and  is only a 10 to 15 minute ride by tricycle from Tagbilaran City. The second bridge called Causeway connects Tagbilaran City to Totolan Dauis, located close to a local fish market 15 minutes away by brisk walk from downtown Tagbilaran.