Punta Cruz Watch Tower


The Punta Cruz Watchtower was built to help guards keep watch for approaching invaders during the pre-hispanic era. Built in 1796, this perfect isosceles triangle watchtower (the only structure so formed in the country) was built to watch the coast of Bohol Strait and the neighboring island of Cebu from possible marauders.

Punta Cruz Watch Tower

Punta Cruz Watch Tower

The word Punta Cruz was coined from the word “cruz” meaning cross, which was planted on the watchtower to scare the marauders. It was part of a wider defense net built along the Visayan coast to protect local settlers from approaching invaders such as Moro (or Muslim) pirates, who at that time were a threat to the people of Bohol.

It was also believed that the wooden cross which stands in a rock clip that sticks out into the sea was mysterious. Townsfolk believed that a glaring light emanates from the wooden cross everytime a marauder tries to attack the province to defend the island from incoming pirates or raiders. Legend has it that light from the wooden cross causes fear and difficulties for the pirates to sight the land keeping them off the shoreline of Maribojoc.

Today, while the Punta Cruz watchtower no longer serves as a high, safe place from which a guard can keep watch for approaching invaders. It still provides an excellent view. It is still one of the favored tourist attractions in the island, especially among historians.

Information of Eco-tour

Address Punta Cruz, Maribojoc, Bohol
How to Get There

For Bus and Jeep – from Tagbilaran to Punta Cruz, Php 20.00/pax

For Private Car/Car for hire – from Tagbilaran to Punta Cruz, Php 500.00

Schedule Friday or Weekends only, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Tour Fee P 5.00
What is included in the Price? Only Entrance Fee
Precaution Statement No specific age of tourists of the eco-tourMaximum of 50 tourists is allowedTourists can stay for maximum of 45 minutes
What to wear? Comfortable clothes, rubber shoes, and t-shirts
What to bring? Camera, umbrella, mineral water
Souvenir items Banana chips@10.00Per packs/t-shirt @150.00/hats @ 25.00 /mineral water @20.00
Does the eco-tour accept bookings? Yes, through Tourism Office

Contact Person

Contact Number


Ms. Ma.Lorna Jadulco



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