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This municipality is located in the eastern part of Bohol. The name of the town is said to have been derived from “Kang Dihay”, which means belonging to Dihay, a strong man with many followers. In time, the name was changed to Candijay.The town was organized during the Spanish regime and was then one of the 34 towns in the province in 1879. It had a population of 5,030.

Top things to do in Candijay

Take a dip on Canawa Cold Spring

Tucked within a lush green forest in the town of Candijay is a popular leisure area for locals known as the Canawa Cold Spring. Its name came from the local term “Cawa” which means “pan”, taking from the natural shape of the spring. The depth of the spring is still unknown; several attempts has been made to dive at the floor of the spring but it was said that the water is too deep no one has been able to reach the bottom. Even the actual source of the spring water is still unknown.

The spring is carved out of the Middle Miocene Carmen Formation comprised of 400 to 800 m thick calcareous sedimentary formation. Concrete walls and stairs were built on the spring entrance to be of help to those who cannot swim especially to the children, but the main part of the spring which is the circular pool, was kept in its natural state.

Visit the Cadapdapan Rice Terraces

The terraces were formed from elevated areas converted into farmlands by the natives of barangay Cadapdapan long time ago.

Usually seen in pictures, the terraces’ dominating colors is golden yellow. A color which reminds them of the wealth left for them from their ancestors that are indeed worth remembering.

Visit the Can-umantad Falls

Can-umantad Falls is regarded as the tallest waterfall in the entire province of Bohol. From a height of 60 meters, its source water from Cadapdapan River falls down over a backdrop of horizontal to slightly dipping beds of calcareous and tuffaceous sediments of a clastic member of the Carmen Formation (Middle Miocene, 16 mya – 11mya).


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Candijay Tourism Address: Candijay, Bohol
Contact Person: Teofredo T. Janiola
Contact Number: 09489851645
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