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Pres. Carlos P. Garcia

In the early part of the 19th century, the island town of now Pres. Carlos P. Garcia was only indicated in the map as Lapinig Grande with six regular barrios: Pitogo, Aguining, Basiao, Bonbonon, Gaus and Tugas as part of Ubay town. Late Cong. Teodoro Galagar of the 3rd Congressional District of the Province of Bohol, initiated the creation of Lapining Grande into a town. Aguining, Pitogo and Bonbonon were the barangays bidding for township. Pitogo has more of the ideal features of a safe port and nearer Ubay and Cebu.On June 21, 1969, RA 5864 was approved creating Pitogo as the 46th town of the province of Bohol with 23 regular barangays existing. Eight years later on November 4, 1997, its name was changed to Pres. Carlos P. Garcia by virtue of Presidential Decree 2828, in memory of the late President of the Republic of the Philippines.

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