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This is a new municipality located in the interior town of Bohol. It was created by Executive Order No. 460 issued by the former President Carlos P. Garcia on December 26, 1960. It used to be a barrio of Sierra Bullones and was called Lungsodaan because it was the old seat of the municipal government during the Spanish regime.

Top things to do in Sevilla

The Sevilla Twin Hanging Bridge

The Sevilla Twin Hanging Bridge links Sitio Sipatan of Barangay Ewon and Sitio Ilawod of Barangay Lobgob of the panoramic inland town of Sevilla, Bohol. It is 36 kilometers away from the City of Tagbilaran and has been a favourite stopover for tourists on their way to the amazing Chocolate Hills of Carmen, Bohol.

The bridge is about 40 meters long and has been traditionally made of Indigenous bamboo slats. While there are quite a few similar structures in Bohol, its unique blend of natural sceneries, a showcase of Ingenous native handicrafts across the river and the warmth Sevillahanon hospitality has captured the hearts and imagination of a growing number of visitors, both foreign and domestic.

Built sometime after World War II, the hanging bridge’s original purpose is to help the local residents transport their farm and livestock products across the Sevilla River. Nobody really expected for it to become the fun tourist attraction that it is nowadays. Today, the original rope suspension has been replaced with steel cables, reinforcing the safety and stability of the structure. Its traditional deck of intricately woven bamboo slats however is preserved and continues to welcome pedestrians with playful rhythmic bounce and sway upon each step.

At the other end of the bridge is a small riverside clearing the hosts a number of handicraft stores and refreshment booths where visitors can buy native product ranging from local fruits and homemade delicacies to creatively crafted souvenir items.

Sevilla Twin Hanging Bridge is one stopover you’ll certainly relish to experience again.



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