A coastal town having a coastline 14 kilometers long, this town is located at the northern part of the province. It has a good port of entry where ferry boats are plying daily from Cebu and back carrying passengers and cargoes.

The early settlers called the place “Tubigan” meaning having water or watery because the community was always submerged in water when rivers overflows its banks during rainy seasons. Later, this was changed to “Tubigon” meaning a place abounding in water, because under the fertile soil there is plenty of water aside from the many springs and streams of the town. At present these sources of water are converted into a giant irrigation dam to regulate the flow of supply of water to the ricefields.

Top thing/s to do in Tubigon

Tubigon Loom Weaving Experience Tour

Ever wondered where the raffia bag came from? Have you asked yourself how the colorful looms are weaved together in such a very beautiful way or how the patterns are being mixed and matched? Most times, the best experience one can have is knowing how their favorite items are made and knowing who made them.


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Tubigon Tourism Address: Tubigon, Bohol
Contact Person: Mark Robe T. Antiporta
Contact Number: 09108541113
Email Address: antiportamarkrobe@gmail.com


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