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Originally, the municipality was called Quinale due to the characteristic land formation of sand, gravel and corals that filed layer after layer amassed by seawaves since time immemorial.Once a barrio of Guindulman, it was made into a municipality on March 12, 1875 and was renamed “Anda” which means walking and moving (to posterity).

Top things to do in Anda

Visit the Cave Pools of Anda

Aside from the fine white sand beaches in Quinale, the Cave Pools of Anda are becoming common destinations in the southeastern part of Bohol for adventure seekers. Due to the large percentage of land underlain by limestones, cave pools or basically limestones filled with spring water forming pools are common sights in Anda. Among the famous cave pools are Cabagnow and Combento, and the smaller Kaligoon Cave Pool, East Coast Cave Pool and Kalorenzo Cave Pool.

The area is underlain by the Middle Miocene Anda Limestone belonging to the Sierra Bullones Limestone Formation. Years of dissolution and weathering of this limestone body resulted in karst features like these caves.

Visit the Anda Quinale  White Sand Beach

Quinale Beach is a stunning white sand beach situated in the charming town of Anda on the enchanting Bohol Island. With its crystal-clear waters and powdery white sand, it’s no wonder that Quinale Beach is often compared to other famous Philippine beaches such as Boracay, El Nido, and Puerto Galera. Despite gaining popularity over the years, Quinale Beach still maintains its serene atmosphere and remains relatively unknown compared to other well-known Bohol beaches such as Alona and Dumaluan.

Explore the Lamanoc Island

Found in the easternmost tip of Anda is the Lamanok Island, which is underlain by massive to rubbly limestone deposits of the Late Miocene Sierra Bullones Formation. Prominent tidal notches can be observed around the edge of the island facing Bohol Sea showing dynamic movement of the sea during the Neogene Period. Large fossils such as giant shells protrude out of the limestone outcrops and cave walls. This section of the Anda Peninsula is also considered the seat of Bohol’s civilization as archaeological artifacts and burial sites of ancient settlers are preserved.

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