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In 1820 Trinidad was yet a barrio in the northern part of Bohol inhabited by a small group of settlers under the leadership of Macag. It was once named Cabigon but the abundance of ipil trees in the area caused it to be referred to as “Ipil” thus becoming an official name when it became a town. But Ipil became a barrio when it was annexed to Talibon on October 31, 1903 by virtue of Act 968. Several attempts to reestablish Ipil as a municipality failed but in 1947, through the combined efforts of the people led by Juan Gonzales and aided by Senator Olegario Clarin, Ipil regained its former status as a town and was renamed Trinidad in honor of the wife of Pres. Manuel A. Roxas who issued the Executive Order No. 80 s. of 1947, restoring the community to its former status as an independent municipality.

Top thing/s to do in Talibon

Visit Bongan Sandbar
Towards the inner reef of the Danajon Bank is the Bongan Sandbar. It is named after a large kind of banana locally “bongan” as its fine white sand formation is similarly shaped. This gem of Talibon, when not submerged, is a respite for migratory birds like Kanaway (sea gulls) that play while foraging for food. This is also favorite spot for snorkeling, jet skiing and swimming as well as one of the stops of island hopping tours offered by operators from Cebu and other neighboring places.

Visit Pres. Carlos P. Garcia Memorial Park
Talibon is the birthplace of the only Boholano President of the Philippines, Carlos P. Garcia. Proud Talibongnons erected a monument at the very spot where he was born, to perpetuate the memory of the most illustrious Talibongnon of all times who became a Congressman, Governor, Senator, Vice President, Secretary of Foreign Affairs, 8th President of the Philippines and the 1st President of the 1971 Constitutional Convention.

Every November 4, a celebration to commemorate his natal day is held at the ancestral park. It is a festival of traditions like a Babayeng Pilipinhon (the President’s masterpiece) poem contest, “Kuratsa” (the President’s favorite folkdance) dance contest, school band showdown and special presentations like singing and orations.


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