Bohol Surprise Tour 2 | Behold Bohol

Lamanoc Island

The journey begins with the tranquil and welcoming extensive mangrove forest over bamboo footpath or padding a boat to mystical island of Lamanoc

For inquiries and reservation please contact Bohol Tourism Office.


Time: 8 hours (Day-Trip) | 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

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Tour Highlights
1Lamanoc Island
Go to Lamanoc island on a “bangka” or a small wooden paddle boat. This island has full of 
history and mysticism. Enjoy the picturesque view on the way to the island.
2Anda Quena Beach and Lunch
Lunch of fresh seasfoods on a very relaxing beautiful Anda white beach.
3Jagna Calamay Industry
See how to prepare the famous “Calamay” and sample it with bread.
4Clarin Ancestral House
Take a glimpse of Boholano architectural design by tour inside the ancestral house owned by 
the Clarins. It was owned by a former governor of Bohol in the 1840s.


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