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Over a hundred individuals who are passionate about underwater photography, diving, and instructing are scheduled to gather in Bohol from April 13 to April 30 for the inaugural Bohol Loop Dive Expo, also known as BHOLDEX 2023, which is a first-of-its-kind event in the region.

During the expo, participants will have the opportunity to join a series of one-day dive expeditions and compete in underwater photography contests, as well as watch free dive exhibitions that showcase newly discovered dive sites in the coastal municipalities of Dimiao, Valencia, Garcia-Hernandez, Jagna, Duero, Guindulman, Anda, Mabini, and Ubay.

During the event, the participating towns will be hosting welcome events that feature local cuisine, cultural performances, and entertainment for the loop divers to enjoy. The loop dive event officially starts on April 13 with an opening program and April 14 for dinner that will be hosted by Tagbilaran City LGU, headed by Mayor Jane Yap, at Villa Tomasa Alona Q, located at Alona Beach, Panglao. The event will conclude with a closing program and awarding ceremony on April 30 at Villa Tomasa Alona Q, located at Alona Beach, Panglao.

The Panglao Association of Dive Operators (PADO) is organizing an event to showcase newly discovered dive spots in Bohol, which were identified through a six-month intensive dive assessment activity. The purpose of this event is to boost Bohol’s reputation as a premier dive destination, with the Bohol Marina Triangle – composed of Panglao, Pamilacan, and Balicasag – leading the way.

Meanwhile, Bohol Governor Aris Aumentado emphasized the importance of further establishing Bohol’s status as one of the top tourist destinations in the country. The discovery of new tourism offerings and diverse travel and tour options is crucial to achieve this goal.

Simultaneously, the governor, who also serves as the chair of the Regional Development Council for Central Visayas, stated that the objective of the occasion is to raise awareness regarding the safeguarding, protection, and restoration of these dive sites to their original condition.

Participating Municipalities:

• Municipality of Panglao
• Municipality of Jagna
• Municipality of Duero
• Municipality of Anda
• Municipality of Lila
• Municipality of Talibon
• Municipality of Dimiao
• Municipality of Mabini
• Municipality of Guindulman
• Municipality of Dauis
• Municipality of Garcia Hernandez
• Municipality of Ubay
• Municipality of Valencia

The following organizations are partnering for the event: Cebu Pacific, TWD, Pacifica Dive Shop, Civil Aviation Authority, the Bohol Provincial Government, Department of Tourism, Dive 7, Tourism Promotion Board, Coca Cola Bottlers, and ArMode.

The Bohol Chronicle and KISS 102.3 FM are the official media partners. BHOLDEX 2023 is currently accepting event sponsorship. For more information, please visit the Bohol Loop Dive Expo Facebook Page.

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