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It is said that Antequera was already populated by the year 600 A. D. It was based on the books of the Eskaya tribe which was handed down from generation to generation to the present day Eskayas now living in Taytay, Duero, Bohol. It was stated there that the first Eskayas settled in the town of Talibon. Sometime later, they settled in Loon, and then they migrated to the mountainous barangays of Loon like Campatud and Cansubayon.

Then they later went down and settled in a place they called Canlaas Panas, which is now graphically located in the present lowlands of Antequera. There they lived for long period of time from the year 600 A. D. up to approximately the year 1600 A. D. that already was the time of the Spanish Regime. The kingdom of the Eskayas was located in the lowlands of Antequera where their established capital was said to be the present barangay of Viga, stretching to the riverside valleys beyond the present day Abatan Bridge.

Top things to do in Antequera

Attend a Basket Weaving Workshop

Antequera is known for its basket weaving industry, which has been passed down from generation to generation. Visitors can attend a workshop to learn how to weave baskets using natural materials such as bamboo and rattan.

Explore the beautiful falls

One of the major attraction of the town is Mag-aso Falls together with Inambacan Falls.

Visit the Holy Rosary Parish Church

Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Parish, the church dates back to the Spanish colonial period, and the current structure was built in 1894. It features intricate Gothic-inspired architecture, with pointed arches, ornate pillars, and a bell tower.


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