Jagna is located on the southern coast of Bohol. It is one of the commercial trading centers of the province with daily market and port operations. Of interest to travelers is the town church built during the Spanish era and with its ceiling frescoes and Baroque architecture.
A waterfall and a spring reservoir can be found on the highlands, accessible by road travel north. A marine sanctuary zone has been set up by the local government just off the shore. A double reef is protected inside the sanctuary zone and marked off by buoys so as to restrict access from fishers.

Top thing/s to do in Jagna

Take a dip at the Kinahugan Falls

The wonderful Kinahugan waterfalls is located in a small hilly sitio of Karap-agan. The trail that winds up is approximately five kilometers from the Poblacion. Strolling along to it on foot needs only 1 and half-hours to reach the spot. One would surely come to marvel how these beautiful waterfalls were created.

The three waterfalls are trigonominal in nature. The center fall is flanked by one on the northern dice of the cliff and the other on the southern part where all sides are almost covered with moss. The cliff is about 50 feet high. The biggest and the swiftest of the three waterfalls settle down into the great basin of about 15 feet deep and no less than 60 feet in diameter.

The unique attraction of this scenic spot spells great difference from other waterfalls throughout Bohol. You will feel unwind by the cascading waters, the moss-covered cliffs and the green area that surrounds you. With the impressing blue sky above and its clear waters, you will surely feel you are in paradise!


Photo credits:

  1. Kinahugan Falls – Marc Neil Nery Photography
  2. Kinahugan Falls – radysetgo.wordpress.com

Sites Information

Jagna Tourism Address: Jagna, Bohol
Contact Person: Ma. Lovella  E. Acebes
Contact Number: 09985441077
Email Address: jagnatourism@gmail.com


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