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San Isidro

This was once a part of Antequera and was once called Macapagao because a person living there had a very harsh voice. People coming from this place referred to it as Macapagao. Later the place was called Agbunan due to a plant called “Bugang” which bears white flowers and which spreads or scatters (agbun) into the air when the wind blows.When Catigbian was made a town during the Spanish regime, Agbun was one of the barrios of the newly created town. Favorable climate and fertile soil lured people to come to Agbunan and settled there. They were able to construct a chapel in honor of St. Isidore, the patron saint of farmers.During the Phil-Am War, Catigbian was destroyed and its barrios were ceded to neighboring municipalities. Agbunan was back to Antequera. When Catigbian was restored, Agbunan again became a part of Catigbian. Agbunan or San Isidro was one of the big barangays of Catigbian.

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San Isidro Tourism Address: San Isidro, Bohol
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