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Mabini is located in the eastern part of the province. It was established in 1904 out of the barrios of Abaca, Banlas, Bulawan, Lungsodaan, Minol, Poblacion 1 and 2 and Tambo which then belonged to Candijay; Cabulao and San Jose which then belonged to Ubay and Batuanan which a that time was a barrio of Mabini. The first settlers of Sitio Libas came from Duero, Loboc, Guindulmlan, Jagna and Sevilla. The barrios were organized into a new town through the initiative of its parish priest, Fr. Jimenez and municipal president Canuto Bernales.

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Mabini Tourism Address: Mabini, Bohol
Contact Person: Maricel B. Vallecera
Contact Number: 09512084329
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