Sikatuna is an interior town located 6.5 kms. from Corella and 16.6 kms. from Tagbilaran City. It was named after the famous Bohol Chief who made a blood compact with Legazpi in 1565.

Sikatuna was established as a town by Executive Order No. 88 issued by Gov. Gen. Francis Burton Harrison on December 5, 1917. It used to be called Comago, then a barrio of Alburquerque. During World War II, it was made an evacuation center by the people of its neighboring towns. When the Japanese learned of this, they put up a garrison in the municipal building. The guerillas did not attack the garrison in order not to expose the civilians to the danger of reprisal.

Top thing/s to do in Sikatuna

Explore the Sikatuna’s Mirror of the World and Botanical Garden

See replicas of some of the most famous tourist attractions and landmarks from all over the world when you book this day tour to Sikatuna’s Mirror of the World and Botanical Garden. The garden is a good place to take travel photos, so this tour is perfect for those who want to get good snaps during their trip to Bohol.


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Sikatuna Tourism Address: Sikatuna, Bohol
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Contact Number: 09974290534
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Sikatuna’s Mirror of the World and Botanical Garden Address: Libjo, Sikatuna, Bohol, Sikatuna, Philippines
Contact Number:0917 706 9682
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