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Situated in the southwestern coast of Bohol is the municipality of Maribojoc. It was probably named after the pinelike tree (Agoho), the leaves of which look like hairs. This tree is locally known as “maribojoc”. But the original name of the municipality is said to be Dungguan, which means “a place of anchorage”.

It was an appropriate name because the town is on a little cove which is fairly sheltered from strong winds. Maribojoc was declared a parish in 1767. It became a regular municipality on October 15,1860. In 1879, it was a thriving town with a population of 18,200.

Top things to do in Maribojoc

Visit Santa Cruz Parish Church

Maribojoc Church, also known as Santa Cruz Parish Church or Holy Cross Parish Church, was a Roman Catholic Church in the municipality of Maribojoc, Bohol, Philippines, under the Roman Catholic Diocese of Tagbilaran. The parish was first established by the Jesuits in 1767 or 1768 with Father Juan Soriano, SJ as its first parish priest. The Augustinian Recollects later administered the community until 1898.

The church was built in 1852 under Father Manuel Plaza and completed in 1872. In 2005, it was designated by the diocese as the Diocesan Shrine of San Vicente Ferrer. It was also declared a National Cultural Treasure by the National Museum of the Philippines and a National Historical Landmark by the National Historical Commission of the Philippines. When a 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck Bohol and other parts of Central Visayas in 2013, the entire building crumbled to the ground, leaving only the image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus standing.

Visit the Maribojoc Uplifted Marine Terrace

The uplifted marine terraces in Maribojoc is an extraordinary geological phenomenon caused by a strong magnitude 7.2 earthquake that shook the island on October 15, 2013. At the area of the coast near Punta Cruz Watchtower, the coastal terrace was raised approximately 1.5 meters vertically and the coastline shifted 50 meters seaward. Due to this, a coastal area of at least 137 hectares emerged from underwater and the sea’s high tide mark shifted 50-meters seawards from its position before the earthquake. The formerly beach area was replaced with area of dead corals and marine life.

Go to Punta Cruz Watchtower

Punta Cruz Watchtower is a triangular structure located at barangay Punta Cruz in Maribojoc.The tower oversees the seas South of Bohol. It was built as a look-out post against pirates and Muslim marauders.


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