Candijay Firefly Tour 2 | Behold Bohol

Candijay Firefly Tour

Inclusions: Aircon Land Vehicle, English Speaking Tour Guide, Lunch, Applicable Entrance Fees


Be amazed by this unique river boating experience offered at Lungsodaan, Candijay, Bohol. Along the journey you will see the richness of a mangrove forest & the glittering fireflies. The whole adventure would be a 1 Hr. drive along the 4 km. Lungsodaan River. This river is part of the protected Carood Watershed where waters from the 6 municipalities run through and proceed to Cogtong Bay. This is indeed a Haven of natural beauty, one should not just appreciate and enjoy, but must also protect and care. Firefly watching starts at 7:30pm on a first come first served basis.