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Tubigon Loom Weaving Experience Tour

The Journey begins with tranquil and welcoming extensive mangrove forest over bamboo footpath of padding a boat to mystical island of Lamanoc

For inquiries and reservation please contact Bohol Tourism Office.


Time: 9 hours (Day-Trip) | 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

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Destination Location Tour Highlights
1Tubigon Loom Weaving
Watch and learn “Raffia” loom weaving from local weavers in Tubigon town.
2Loon Coral Stairs
See the ruins of Loon church and a walk on the Inang-angan Stairs which was built 
from 1847-1849.
3Organic Farm and Lunch
Tour around the organic Farm and have sumptuous lunch of their organic produce.
4SAVIMA Mangrove Adventure
Experience mangrove planting, catching Takla (a kind of crustacean) and Imbaw 
(a clam in the mangrove areas).
5Punta Cruz Watch Tower
Visit the Punta Cruz Watch Tower ruins and walk around the uplifted ridge.



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